Seeking interviewees for potential dramatised television series

I am in conversation with a production company, Wall to Wall Productions, who are currently developing a dramatised television series, based around one of the many Mother and Baby Homes in the UK in the 1960s.

Wall to Wall Productions are the creators of some excellent and relevant series, including Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Family. This production is still in development, however if the show goes forward it would be set in an unnamed Mother and Baby Home in 1960s England or Wales, and all of the characters would be drawn from the real stories of real women who experienced these homes. Their desire is to present the material as factually as possible, without romanticizing what was often a very challenging experience.

To this end, the development producer would be interested in talking with some women who spent time in the Homes. All contributions will be anonymous, however they will offer up the opportunity for an honest depiction of these experiences to be presented to a much broader audience through a televised series.

If you would be interested in speaking with the producer of this show to offer up some of your history in the Mother and Baby Home, I think it could afford us an opportunity to raise an even greater awareness of this important piece of the past.

If you are interested in speaking with the producer, please contact me at If you have any questions or concerns prior to speaking directly with the production company, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Rose Bell

55 thoughts on “Seeking interviewees for potential dramatised television series

  1. We are buying a house and have been told it was a mother and baby home I cannot fine any details have you found this in your research ? 96 Kingston road leatherhead surrey is the now address .

    Dawn Swinburn

  2. Dear Rose, I was in a Mother and Baby Home in October 1958, it appears from my records to have been 167, Willesden Lane NW6 but I cannot find anything about this place and it’s history?? I was one of the babies born into one of these places, and was only with my mother for the regulation 6 weeks before the inevitable separation. I’d love my mother, who I later traced to speak to your producers, but as an Irish Catholic who still, after 50 years has not owned up to anyone, other than my youngest brother, that she even had me..the chances of her sharing her story is sadly slim. Her time at the mother and baby home was traumatic, and the shame of having an illegitamate child at the age of 17, still shames her today. I cant wait for your production, I am sure it will be fascinating and show these places for what they were. Best Wishes Denise

    • There is a mother and baby home listed at 141 West End Lane NW6 run by Westminster WEl-Care Association, C of E Diocese [London]. For information about named individuals worth checking with London Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility 0207-932-1211

      • Have now found Bellevue, 176 Willesden Lane NW6 Run by Brent Social Services, Middlesex CC and Crusade of Rescue. Worth checking as above or Barnet Social Services for named individuals. Good hunting Veronica

      • I was in 141 west End Lane in 1965. I kept my baby, but most of the girls had their baby’s adopted and it heartbreaking. We lived together for 12 weeks so got very close.

      • I think it was possible to register the baby with the father’s name without being married. I kept my baby , born 1965, who was later adopted by the man I married. However, when she later applied for her original birth certificate she found she’d been registered with her father’s sir name. I know it sounds strange but I had forgotten that, because despite us being close, he was more scared than me to have had a baby while single. I hope this explains something helpful to your situation.

    • I was in a similar situation, mother and baby home and adopted at 6 weeks. I found my birth family this summer and it’s fantastic for me but my birth mum still can’t/is unable to tell me what it was like.

  3. Glad to see this important issue continues to get media. We must never forget the crimes of the past for then we risk repeating them.

  4. I was in a Mother and Baby home in Leeds in 1969. It was the most traumatic experience I have ever had and I know I will never come to terms with it. I am now 62 and feel that I have spent the majority of my life being punished.

  5. my mother was at Bellvue when i was born,the name of the place is on my birth cerificate, i wasnt shipped out to Ireland as a lot of the kids were. My Mum has never mentioned the place, i only found out when i saw the address on my birth certificate.

  6. I was in a catholic hostel for unmarried mothers in St Joan’s tulsehill and then went to a mother and baby home
    St Anne’s in leigham court rd Streatham Hill (it is now called leigham court Hotel) they said it was once the home of Lord and lady Leigham on the website but it’s where I stayed in 1970 and gave birth to my beautiful daughter

    • Hi Margaret I found your story very interesting how have you managed to get in touch with a TV company I have written to lots of places without success I dont think I will ever find my daughter.

      • Hi Carole the events leading to and during my journey at that time are as raw now as they were all those years ago .But I will never give up hope of seeing my beautiful daughter one day she will be in my heart till the end of my days . And the pain of the last day I saw her is still as strong and hearing her screams when she woke up and I handed her over is as clear now as it was all those years ago. Precious memories of those few weeks I had with her are really precious and nobody yet nobody can ever take them from me ever they are mine. But never give up

      • Hi Margaret Thanks for the email I have decided to give up trying to trace my daughter as I have an illness that I will never get better from and stress makes it worse so my husband and I have talked it over and come to the conclusion that if she wanted finding she would have looked for me. I cannot trace anything through her father as he died in the 90s in a swimming accident in USA I hope you have success with you tracing please keep in touch
        BestWishes Carole

      • Hi Carole,Have only just found this site and see that I’m a few years late. Have you managed to find your Daughter yet? If you have,n’t could I suggest the “After Adoption” organisation 08000568578. After my 50 year search for my Son they found him for me in just a few weeks, and we recently met each other. Kind Regards Val.

      • Hi Carole I have searched for a number of years and , I had contact with my daughter a year ago we email one another and I now have a picture, she has had a good life and totally devoted to her mum and dad which is such a joy. That much I am very happy about and happy that we speak by email, she does not feel ready at this moment in time to meet me but I am happy to have the contact I yearned for for all these years I must be patient and maybe one day my wish will come true . I am very lucky to have this much

      • Hi Veronica , nice to know someone who was in the same place as me , was it sister Patricia that looked after you ? , I must admit it was not a bad place and I was treated well obviously I did not want to be there but I think we were told here you are and that’s that, the authorities treated us like something that had fell off the end of their shoe, it was just a case of keep your head down and go to church and do as you are told. I went their October 1969

  7. Currently trying to find a cousin who was sadly put up for adoption in the 60’s from Hopedene Maternity home in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was run by the Salvation Army. Good luck with the programme and research.

  8. If this Television series ever comes off then I will be very happy to share my experiences (1962/3) at St Michael’s and All Angels Home in Tulse Hill, London SW12. I was there from 6 weeks before until 6 weeks after and then my daughter was “removed” for adoption.

    • Hi Bridget,
      Thank you for your willingness to share your story. At this time the television series was postponed/cancelled. However, I’d love to keep you in mind for future projects.
      All the best,

      • I would be interested in helping in any way too. I was 19. I spent nine months in a home, four before birth, five after.
        Son found me when he was twenty, he was very traumatised by the adoption although his parents had been good. I met them too. In the last month the father of my son has been in touch, 47 years later, and we are trying to build bridges.

    • I do not think that there is going to be a television programme if there is then I would give my story but through illness my memory is not as good as it was so I have forgotten dates and names of places but if I sit and think about it I can usually remember.

  9. Thank you Rose, such a wonderful website.
    I am currently doing my dissertation on the subject of unmarried motherhood and social stigmas in the twentieth century so this has really really helped. I have found lots of records and statistics, but would really like to focus my work around peoples stories.
    Where did you meet people to speak with and help you?

    Many thanks,

  10. I was in the crusade of rescue in london in 1969. my birth mother was from ireland. I was adopted at 3 months old by my adopted parents who were iñ the airforce and from America.

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